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Quality policy



Quality measured in client's satisfaction level is the highest goal of our company. All actions which result in products fully satisfactory for our customers are subject to quality. These actions are possible mainly due to great devotion of people, whose professionalism, motivation, and creativity allow us to achieve desired goals in short time. Materials and construction, which quality has direct influence on standard of goods manufactured by us, are also crucially important factors. We put particular care to quality of processes as we understand that each and every one of them has to be mastered separately, so that whole production and managing process is effective.



We want to assure everyone that Naglak Company guarantees the highest quality. We achieve success thanks to:

  • Constant improvement of financial effectiveness
  • Optimal resource use
  • Choosing the best materials
  • Constant client opinion survey
  • Constant market and competition observation
  • Developing better and better construction patterns


Our primary rule is conviction that continuous working on improvement of existing situation and design is the only guarantee of manufacturing product exceptionally attractive, which will meet expectations of even the most demanding clients.  That is why we refuse to rest on our laurels and pay particular attention to regular verification of results of our work. All members of the company work for quality offered by NAGLAK.  


Wojciech Naglak

Koźmin Wielkopolski, January 2006