Modern cabs manufacturer


Granting many of our clients' wishes, we can produce cab for every kind of machine. Equipment of such cabs, their design and coloring are fully customizable for client.   

Such cabs are made of rectangular or special steel profiles. These cabs can be equipped with Plating Certificates or Statement of Cab Construction Conformity with EU Requirements which is granted by ITP from Warsaw. Statement of Cab Construction Conformity with EU Requirements affirms that construction was designed in agreement with requirements of 2006/42/WE Directive on Machinery for such type of products and with harmonized standards. The construction fully protects an operator against effects of rolling over of a tractor (ROPS) which will be checked by appropriate laboratory and affirmed by JCW ZJiN ITP Warsaw. Doors, windscreen, and rear glass can have monocoque construction; other glasses are surrounded by gasket on the exterior side of a profile. To protect the cab against corrosion we use multilayer epoxy, polyurethane, or acrylic coat. Cabs are fastened to machine using fastenings with rubber springs system which suppresses vibrations. To every cab, apart from fastenings, we attach bolts and gaskets kits necessary to install a cab.


Cabs for machines and other equipment can be equipped with:

  • two driving mirrors
  • electric windscreen and rear glass wipers
  • electric windscreen washer
  • solar shade
  • cab dome lamp
  • upholstered roof
  • heating system (demister warm/cold air, powered by engine cooling system liquid)
  • reverse opening doors with gas springs
  • rear glass with gas springs
  • windscreen opened on hinges with gas springs
  • tilt rear quarter glasses
  • front lamps (warning light + turning signal)
  • halogens
  • privacy glasses
  • screen printing
  • upholstery inside and under the seat
  • warning light
  • radio installation (aerial + speakers, [possibly + radio])
  • air conditioning