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Boxter 25

Tractors Goldoni come from Italy. They won trust of clients with high quality (the company produces all the most important tractor construction elements by itself), solid structure, simple construction, and great engines. Goldoni company is world leader of specialist tractors market and its products fit perfectly to gardens and orchards, forestry (also alpine) and all range of utility works.


Cab Description

Cabs for Goldoni tractors are made with respect to technology currently used in modern tractors and machines (special cab profiles, bent glass etc.), their equipment, design and coloring are fully customizable. These cabs can be equipped with Plating Certificates or Statement of Cab Construction Conformity with EU Requirements which is granted by ITP from Warsaw.


Exemplary Equipment:

  • driving mirrors
  • electric windscreen and rear glass wipers
  • electric windscreen washer
  • solar shade
  • cab dome lamp
  • upholstered roof
  • heating system (demister warm/cold air powered with engine cooling system liquid)
  • door gas springs
  • rear glass gas springs
  • windscreen opened on hinges with gas springs
  • tilt rear quarter glasses
  • lamps
  • halogens
  • privacy glasses
  • screen printing
  • wings and under-seat upholstery 
  • warning light